The United States Government may be approaching bankruptcy, but rest assured, God’s accounts are in fine shape.

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalm 24:1.

If you were losing sleep over God’s financial situation, don’t bother. God is not broke. The earth is His, everything in it is His, including all the creatures that dwell on the earth.

God Is Not Broke

A few years ago, a tele-evangelist became well known for saying that God was going to kill him if he didn’t raise so many million dollars by a certain date. He was ridiculed on talk shows, comedy shows, in newspapers, and in magazines, because even non-Christians understood how rediculous such a statement was. It implied that somehow God was broke, and worse, that He was holding one of his servants over the fire in a desperate effort to get the money.

More recently, we have been treated to an Evangelist that sought pity from his congregation because his multimillion dollar jet was aging, and he “needed” $50 million or so for a replacement. Obviously, God wasn’t good for it, so the congregation and on-line donors needed to cough it up!

Just as embarrassing, congregations have been treated to any number of “scams” in an effort by “Christian” organizations to raise money. Time Share sales, Investment Schemes, “Seed Faith” schemes too numerous to count, along with an infinite number of “Partnering” programs, etc., etc., etc.

And, if all that fails, there is the Black Church’s favorite scheme. Just get everybody excited until they run down and throw money at the Pastor’s or Bishop’s feet. It would be hugely embarrassing, if we could see the spectacle the way the world sees it.

What God Wants

Every Christmas we used to face the same question. What do you get those members of the family that “have everything”. Well, God REALLY DOES have everything. There is only one thing that He might not have. And that is, our hearts. God wants our love, devotion, allegiance, and our very lives to be lived to His glory.