Torben Sondergaard Founders

Greatly gifted and called of God, Torben Sondergaard was told that he would have to wait decades to get through his denominations formal ordination process. He knew that God had gifted him to do more than just sit around waiting for a bunch of old men to tell him to minister to the lost and broken. So, he set out to establish his own on-line church movement, and now has a following of thousands around the world.

Torben’s videos featured miraculous healings, miraculous conversions, and his revival activities are now featured on many continents. His “Bootcamp” schools serve to equip lay people who are on fire for Jesus to “get out” and make a difference. His organization has a weak organizational structure, but that is the point. The point is to spread the Gospel, not to grow old attending meeting after meeting, or collecting millions upon millions of dollars.