In America today, many people feel the freedom to pick their own Jesus, a process much like picking an Entree from a restaurant menu. If you sample one Jesus, and he is not to your liking, then you can try another Jesus.

If you want help getting rich, become famous, or succeed in business, try the Prosperity Jesus.  If you think there are only two commandments, or want to go into politics, try the Evangelical Jesus.  If you think Jesus was only a prophet, you can choose the Islamic Jesus.  Maybe you think that Jesus is an angel.  Then the Jehovah’s Witness Jesus is a good fit for you.  If you believe that Jesus left his personal spirit in a single man to run his kingdom on earth today, you can choose between the Moonie Jesus, the House of God in Prayer Jesus, the FLDS Jesus, or the Nation of Islam Jesus.  Or maybe you think that Jesus chose 12 men in Utah to run his entire kingdom on earth.  Then you would want the Mormon Jesus.

The problem is this isn’t Baskin Robins.   There is only one Jesus, and He is not listed on a Menu anywhere. He is the Jesus of the Bible, and the Jesus that actually sits at the right hand of The Father.