The church took a Gospel that Jesus entrusted to fishermen, and turned it into a message that requires a Phd.

And it wasn’t done for the reasons you might think.  True, it makes a ton of money through the sale of books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines. And its also true that it makes celebrities out of prominent pastors and teachers. But that wasn’t the reason the Gospel has been made so complicated.

The recipe is being changed

The fact is, it takes much more effort to TAILOR THE MESSAGE, than to teach it straight out of the book.  It was done to MASK certain plain truths that are taught in the Bible.  The fact is, God never intended it to be that complicated.  Because God intended that the PLAIN TRUTH of the Bible be taught, as opposed to the TAILORED version that is taught in most churches today.

If sermons today came with ingredient labels, many might look like this:
Scripture: 10%
Cultural Bias: 25%
Personal Opinion: 40%
Entertainment: 25%

**Neither the FDA or God has certified the contents of this message, and it is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

No wonder the church is never called upon to address the most vexing questions facing us today. Whether it be global warming, high unemployment, or just which college to go to, we seem to have no answers.

The real, uncompromised Word of God has gotten lost in a sea of manmade, man focused teachings.

 Strangely enough, if you asked most of us what we believe about the Bible, we would quickly say that we believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God. And certainly, most pastors would say the same. But this begs a question. Why does so much of what is taught in most churches today contradict the Bible?   And further, why aren’t we able to see these contradictions, and reject teachings that directly conflict with the Word of God?

Question to ask yourself: “Is This Rocket Science?”

 Simply put, scripture can be taken at face value, when enlightened by The Holy Spirit. That is, when we have the mind of Christ, He will lead us into all truth. And if that worked for a group of uneducated fishermen that turned the world upside down, then it should work for us today. Its just that simple.

Question to ask yourself: “Is Less More?”

It often takes a lot more talking and persuading to convince you of something that isn’t true, than to convince you of something that is plainly taught in the scriptures! The reason that we can’t see this is because we are conditioned to believe that we are “better taught” than people in the first century church, even though they experienced many more miracles than we see today!

If you need several hours of teaching and scriptures to convince you of something that isn’t plainly taught in one, two, or three scripture verses, most likely its someone’s opinion rather than Biblically based fact.

Question to ask yourself: “The ‘Expert’ Really Is?”

God has ordained pastors and teachers to share the Word of God with their congregations, to build up and edify the Body of Christ. And God has equipped them to do so. However, when pastors and teachers insist on speaking dogmatically and erroneously about life experiences they personally have never had, and pretend to be experts in areas they have no expertise in, they move out from under their God ordained authority. In such cases, members are not bound to follow their counsel.

Question to ask yourself: “Did You Get What You Came For?”

There are millions of people that are hungry for Jesus today.   They pour into churches in this country, and around the world, hoping to have their spiritual appetite satisfied. To experience the living water of God’s Word.

Unfortunately, thousands of people will pour into churches this weekend, and leave hungry and thirsty. They won’t know why, but they will feel inside that somehow they are leaving without getting what they came for. A fresh Word from God.

I implore you, that if this is you, don’t let a sense of loyalty to pastors, friends, family, or anyone else stand in the way of getting to a church where the true Word of God is being preached. You will know when you are in the right place. When you know that your soul is satisfied, and you find that you thirst no more.

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